APPI Pilates for Rehabilitation

We are delighted to announce that we now offer a full range of courses in South Korea. For more information or to book any of our courses please contact our International Representative on email. Details for some of the courses available to take in Korea are as follows:

Pilates for Rehabilitation – Matwork Level 1


About APPI

APPI's Pilates for Rehabilitation courses are designed for those teaching in the rehabilitation setting. Based on the most up to date evidence in spinal stability, pelvic stability, strength/conditioning and pain – they are the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals.
The APPI curriculum is designed by Physiotherapists specifically for those working in the field of rehabilitation; therefore pathology, normal movement patterns, neuro-muscular timing and neural pathomechanics are addressed in relation to each exercise. The traditional Pilates repertoire is broken down into clearly defined levels to ensure a standard, gradual progression towards normal functional movement.

Scientific evidence on segmental spinal stabilisation and on pelvic stability forms the theoretical foundation for the APPI curriculum.

Matwork Certification

Based on the most up to date evidence of spinal stability, pelvic stability, strength and conditioning and pain—this is the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals. APPI have analyzed all 34 traditional Matwork exercises, and broken them down into a step-by-step guide from day 1 Pain, right through to elite level sport. Most importantly, every stage has a clinical reason as to why you would choose that exercise for your client.

APPI's Matwork Pilates training series is formed of three 2 day courses;

  • Matwork Level One – The Foundation
  • Matwork Level Two – Class Instructor
  • Matwork Level Three – Intermediate & Advanced

Courses can be booked individually or receive a discount by booking all three levels together.

Matwork Level 1

APPI’s Matwork level 1 foundation course provides rehabilitation professionals with essential, fundamental knowledge to begin offering modified Pilates to their clients recovering from back pain and other injuries. Drawing upon relevant clinical research, APPI Pilates Matwork level 1 provides an evidence based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting.

Announcing APPI in South Korea

APPI are thrilled to welcome Women’s Health Pilates Centre in South Korea, into our network of our valued partnerships across the globe. South Korea is strongly recognised as an emerging market for Pilates, and teaming up with an organisation such as WHPC is a welcoming achievement for all of us at APPI.

We in turn are confident we can strengthen WHPC’s ability to offer bespoke training modules, ultimately broadening their spectrum of courses provided, whilst being continuously supported by the experienced team here at APPI.

APPI’s CEO Glenn Withers commented that he can foresee an exciting and successful partnership between their and our organisations, both of whom share common goals in aspiring to grow APPI in the Korean Peninsula, and which was evident during negotiations and discussions with Mark at WHPC during the preceding months leading up to this wonderful announcement.

We see this as the next chapter in APPI education, being enjoyed on a truly worldwide level, which resonates with the APPI concept and which the whole team is striving to deliver to an exceptional standard, and which we now trust Mark and his own team at Women’s Health Pilates Centre will be proud to be a part of.

Why did Mark choose APPI?

Becoming an APPI Partner in South Korea as the first healthcare professional to bring rehabilitation/Clinical Pilates in Korea, I was looking for the best quality of Pilates training program for Healthcare professionals as well as non-healthcare professionals. I see that APPI has a lot of potential for benefits in Pilates, fitness as well as clinical settings and rehabilitation purposes.

When I was studying my post-graduate program at the University of Queensland, I was impressed by the quality of Australian Physiotherapy education (both theory and practical part). Since my focus was musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy at U of Q, my perspective and knowledge grew immensely.

I also have an interest in Pilates as I saw the many benefits it has for health and fitness. When I came across that APPI was created by passionate Australian physiotherapists and saw their program, I couldn't wait to work with them!

What is your aim in becoming a Partner?

I find that this is one way I could help to improve our profession for clinicians as well as for clients and our community to provide a better quality of service for their safe recovery of function of movements and their quality of life. Not to mention, APPI can create fun for clinician and clients.
I also want to let the people in Korea know that APPI is not only an exceptional program fit for everyone but it is also a very fun way to stay healthy and be used as rehabilitation.

To view the course schedule and to book your course in this part of the world, by clicking the image below:

Testimonials from this course

‘I loved this course. I will be able to apply the information immediately to to my clinical practice. It is great that it is sculpted to help the average physiotherapy patient.’ MW1 – Palo Alto, CA Apr 2017

‘One of more informative courses I’ve taken in my 22years of practice as it relates to relative and practical strategies that can be brought back to the clinic .’ MW1 – Palo Alto, CA Apr 2017

‘I cannot quantitate the amount I learned but I can predict that every future patient I have will benefit from the knowledge I gained in the past 2 days.’ MW1 – Fort Worth, Mar 2017

‘I learned so much in this course. It made me rethink how I have been approaching my treatment of patients, particularly those with low back pain.’ MW1 – Fort Worth, Mar 2017

Matwork Level 2

The next level in your training program will focus solely on group teaching, and empower you to begin the journey from clinician to your own group Pilates Instruction. In this course you will learn the vital aspects of class planning, warm-ups, cool downs, standing exercises, and how to design population-specific classes.

Matwork Level 3

This two day course builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing and exercise selection from Matwork Level One. The conversion from beginner to more advanced movements will facilitate the unique shift from just stability to strength and conditioning. This progression from rehabilitation to full health and fitness is a crucial process to achieve your clients' goals of a full recovery.

Continued Education

APPI courses are recognised by Physiotherapy Associations right across the globe as a valuable source of continued education within the profession. Just some of the associations we are recognised by include:

  • The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (UK)
  • The Australian Physiotherapy Association (Australia)
  • South African Society of Physical Therapy (South Africa)
    Physio Swiss (Switzerland)
  • Dubai Health Authority (Dubai)
  • Physical Therapy Associations throughout America (contact APPI Team to check for specific states)
Other Associations/Recognition:

Athletic Trainers:
APPI is Board of Certification, Inc., (BOC) Approved Provider and our courses are approved for Category A CEUs for Athletic Trainers. BOC Approved Provider number P10086. If you are outside of the USA and would like BOC points for your APPI course please contact the APPI team no later than 21 days prior to the course.

European Credit Transfer System
APPI's Matwork Certification Series is eligible for ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) points