Ozlem Ustunkaya is the official provider of APPI Pilates courses in Turkey. Based in Istanbul, Ozlem has been running APPI courses since 2010 and is also part of our International family of APPI Presenters. 

APPI Pilates for Rehabilitation

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Pilates for Rehabilitation – Matwork Level 1
Pilates for Rehabilitation – Matwork Level 2
Pilates for Rehabilitation – Matwork Level 3
Equipment Certification Series
Ante & Post Natal Pilates
3D Standing Pilates
Pilates & Osteoporosis

 APPI's Pilates for Rehabilitation courses are designed for those teaching in the rehabilitation setting. Based on the most up to date evidence in spinal stability, pelvic stability, strength/conditioning and pain – they are the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals. The APPI curriculum is designed by Physiotherapists specifically for those working in the field of rehabilitation; therefore pathology, normal movement patterns, neuro-muscular timing and neural pathomechanics are addressed in relation to each exercise. The traditional Pilates repertoire is broken down into clearly defined levels to ensure a standard, gradual progression towards normal functional movement.

Scientific evidence on segmental spinal stabilisation and on pelvic stability forms the theoretical foundation for the APPI curriculum. 

Matwork Certification

Based on the most up to date evidence of spinal stability, pelvic stability, strength and conditioning and pain—this is the essential Pilates training tool for all health professionals. APPI have analyzed all 34 traditional Matwork exercises, and broken them down into a step-by-step guide from day 1 Pain, right through to elite level sport. Most importantly, every stage has a clinical reason as to why you would choose that exercise for your client.

APPI's Matwork Pilates training series is formed of three 2 day courses; 

  • Matwork Level One – The Foundation
  • Matwork Level Two – Class Instructor
  • Matwork Level Three – Intermediate & Advanced

Courses can be booked individually or receive a discount by booking all three levels together.

Matwork Level 1

APPI’s Matwork level 1 foundation course provides rehabilitation professionals with essential, fundamental knowledge to begin offering modified Pilates to their clients recovering from back pain and other injuries. Drawing upon relevant clinical research, APPI Pilates Matwork level 1 provides an evidence based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting. 

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Matwork Level 2

The next level in your training program will focus solely on group teaching, and empower you to begin the journey from clinician to your own group Pilates Instruction. In this course you will learn the vital aspects of class planning, warm-ups, cool downs, standing exercises, and how to design population-specific classes.

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Matwork Level 3

This two day course builds upon the movements, understanding, cueing and exercise selection from Matwork Level One. The conversion from beginner to more advanced movements will facilitate the unique shift from just stability to strength and conditioning. This progression from rehabilitation to full health and fitness is a crucial process to achieve your clients' goals of a full recovery.

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“This was the best Continuing Ed class that I have
attended in 30 years! I am incorporating what I learned everyday with not only
orthopaedic patients but also neurological patients (CVAs  and Parkinson's
disease). My patients notice the difference and are moving better
(Susan Demas Private Home Care Physical Therapist)

Equipment Certification Series

The APPI Equipment Certification Series is the perfect way to begin your Pilates large equipment training.

On each course repertoire will be covered on the reformer, cadilac, split pedal chair and arc barrel. Participants will learn over 120 movements for training lumbo-pelvic stability, scauplo-thoracic stability, spinal articulation & stretching as well as higher level full body movements. Workshops on posture, postural assessment, Pilates assessment and program planning are designed to provide participants with skills in all aspects of teaching Pilates.  Discussions of the clinical application of Pilates movements will occur throughout teaching and during presenter-led workshops. 

APPI's Equipment Series is made up of four individual courses:
Equipment Level 1 
Equipment Level 2

Equipment Level 3
Equipment Level 4
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Specialist Courses

APPI Turkey offer a large variety of APPI's specialist courses. For the full list of courses available click here. Below is some information on some of our most popular topics. 


Ante & Post Natal

APPI’s Ante-Post Natal Pilates course aims to equip attendees with the necessary skills to adapt their Pilates teaching and repertoire to make it suitable for pregnant and post natal women. Lecture content covers an overview of physiological and musculoskeletal changes during pregnancy and guidelines. Applications of the APPI Pilates repertoire in the management of common musculoskeletal conditions experienced by pregnant and post natal women will be discussed and a selection of Matwork Pilates exercises, including movements incorporating small Pilates props will be taught. 

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3D Standing Pilates

3D Standing Pilates is an evolutionary method which advances the essential Pilates principles into more functional upright positions. This two day course introduces a theoretical 3D Standing Pilates model and teaches a series of 3D Standing Pilates movements to address balance, ROM, myofascial control and neural dynamics in standing.

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Pilates & Osteoporosis

This exciting and innovative 1 day course investigates the concept that osteoporosis is the next epidemic to hit the healthcare industry. The course will cover the epidemiology, prevalence and incidence of osteoporosis as well as introducing a unique step by step programme  based on targeting the common fracture sites that the research into osteoporosis suggests. The key concept of this programme is getting clients off the floor in managing osteoporosis and ensuring that the benefit of weight bearing exercise can be linked to Pilates movements.

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Hosting Courses At Your Studio

Cannot make it to any of our venues in your country? Not a problem, bring APPI courses to you with our comprehensive course hosting package! 
You can host any of the above courses, as well as many of the other course topics on APPI's website, at your clinic, hospital or any other suitable space, such as gyms or hotels. Receive free training spaces for you and your team, make a profit and become affiliated with a world recognised Pilates training company.

APPI's Hosting Brochure

For more information on APPI hosting package in Turkey click here to download our hosting brochure, or email our Representative directly to organise dates and location of your hosted course.

If you can't find an answer to your doubts here, please feel free to also contact our International Department at or via telephone on + (44) 345 370 2774, we will be more than happy to assist you! 




‘‘We had a very positive experience hosting the Matwork Level 1 course at our local hospital. The APPI provide an excellent service – response to email and phone queries was always very prompt and informative and the staff were extremely pleasant to deal with. The course itself was conducted in a very informal manner with ample time provided for both practical and theoretical elements.
All in all, I would have no hesitation in hosting another APPI course at our venue – a sentiment echoed by the the course participants, most of whom are very keen to partake in the Matwork Level 2 course in the near future!’ Colette Smee – South Tipperary General Hospital