International Certification Exam – Online

We are delighted to be able to offer our international students the chance to complete their certification via an online video exam submission system. We understand it can be difficult to gain access to the certification exam day in certain countries and as such have created this platform to allow you to continue to be able to progress your Pilates career.

Please prepare for your exam by reviewing, self-practicing and practice teaching your Matwork Pilates repertoire. Additionally, we recommend that you review the following examination criteria to ensure that you are fully prepared.

What is the exam structure?

The exam consists of 2 components. A practical exam and a theory exam.

The theory exam is a 60-minute multiple-choice paper. This exam will be taken online and you will receive a link to access it. You should complete your theory exam within 2 weeks of your submission date.

The practical exam is 30 minutes in duration, and should be submitted on the date specified in the beginning of this letter (your chosen submission day).

Theory exam

All students must pass a one-hour multiple-choice written exam based on the theory content of the Matwork courses.

The pass mark for this exam is 70%.

The theory components that are assessed include:

  • The Pilates principles
  • The history of Joseph Pilates
  • The fundamental research presented on your MW1 course lecture
  • The anatomy of the spinal stability muscles
  • The classification of rehabilitation Pilates exercises
  • The five stage model of the APPI programme.

Online Theory Exam Instructions:

You will be emailed a link (within your Welcome Email), which will allow you to complete your theory exam online. You will then be able to log on and complete this exam at a time which is convenient for you within a set timeframe (2 weeks from practical exam Submission day). The theory exam consists of 60 multiple choice questions and you will have 60 minutes to complete it, so please ensure that you allow this length of time from beginning to end, as the exam can only be completed in one go. The questions in the theory exam are not negatively marked, so if you are unsure of an answer you should still complete the question.

Once you have completed your theory exam online, your results will be automatically sent to us, and we will process them along with your practical exam video. You will then be emailed your results and feedback from your examiner.

Practical exam

All students must pass a 30-minute practical exam based on the Matwork series of movements.</p><p><strong>The pass mark for this exam is 70%.

Your Practical Video Exam will be a structured 30-minute practical session, whereby you teach a partner a fluid and structured Pilates session, following the systems and sequences you have learnt with the APPI programme. Your exam shall be delivered in the following format:

Please begin the exam by delivering a brief case history of your client, which should include:

Any relevant injuries or issues expressed by the client;

The main aims of the session (e.g.: improve mobility of the Thoracic spine and increase generalised core and gluteal strengthening);

Your session must include a minimum of 10 exercises, in at least 4 different positions and must address the entire body (you may choose exercises from all your APPI Matwork courses). You will be required to begin by setting up the client using the 5 key principles method and then progress as you see fit. In order for us to assess your performance of each exercise, please make sure you show the chosen exercises to your client. Start by naming the exercise and the level you are going to show, and then perform the exercise as you teach. Following your exam filming – please submit the video itself with the written case history of the client and the reasoning for your exercise selection, order and repetitions (Case Study Form to be filled out and uploaded along with the video)

And that's it. The examination process is to check quality and ensure consistency in the standards of our teaching across the globe. We hope you reach your goals and we look forward to welcoming you as a certified APPI Pilates Teacher.